Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit | UNIMIG Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Kit

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Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit – The UNIMIG Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Kit includes everything you need for general-purpose gas cutting and welding. Each kit comes in a carry-all toolbox and has been engineered for safety and quality that you know you can rely on.


  • More than 20 cutting and welding equipment and parts
  • Tough PVC tool box
  • Compliant with Australian Standards


1 x Heavy Duty Tool Box
1 x Heating Tip
1 x Oxygen Regulator
1 x Acetylene Regulator
1 x Welding / Cutting Goggles
1 x Tip Cleaner Set
1 x Blow Pipe Handle
2 x Oxygen Regulator Flash Back Arrestor
2 x Fuel Gas Regulator Flash Back Arrestor
1 x Cutting Attachment
1 x Mixer
1 x Combination Spanner
3 x Welding Tips Type 41 No’s 8/12/15
3 x Cutting Nozzles Type 41 No’s 8/12/15
1 x Radius Bar and Pivot
1 x Roller Guide
1 x 10 Metre Twin Line Hose Set



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